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Small Projects Istanbul A grassroots organisation helping those affected by the Syrian conflict to remain self-sustainable outside of refugee camps areas  
  • In addition to finding ways to support SPI financially, either through development or the organization of events, Small Projects Istanbul has two other needs:
  • They are looking for Turkish language volunteers,
  • And currently need to replace their Pro bono Lawyer consultant and accountant 
One of the greatest challenges facing Syrian refugees in Turkey is the language barrier. The Turkish language is an essential skill for getting their lives started, whether for a job, school, or university. Small Projects Istanbul is looking for volunteers to teach Turkish to Syrian adults and/or children in our space in Çapa, Istanbul (see map). Volunteers do not have to be native Turkish speakers, but should be competent in the language enough to teach. If you're interested, please download this volunteer form (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1tO3z2raJTxeGhFZmN3aXB2dlU/view) and email it to volunteers@smallprojectsistanbul.org: 

If you are interested in volunteering with SPI in another capacity, please send your full name, email address, and related area of interest (e.g. teaching, fundraising, photography, art, early education, etc.) to volunteers@smallprojectsistanbul.org and we will add you to our volunteer database and mailing list for future volunteer opportunities.

Contact: volunteers@smallprojectsistanbul.org

Degisim Liderieri Dernegi (DLD, Change Leaders Association) 

Young women's leadership (targeting young Turkish women of modest means attending high schools and universities)              For the Sparks and graduates:
  • Professional development courses 
  • Training seminars
  • Role models
  • Mentors
  • Career consultants
  • Job and internship opoprtunities
  • Online conversational language courses
  • Social meetings
  • Supporting social change projects 
For DLD:
  • International PR consultants
  • Development and fundraising consultants
  • Charity Bazaar arrangement in Istanbul and/or supplies
  • Turkish to English translations for DLD website
  • Visiting DLD Summit in May 2016
Asli Olgunlar

+90 532 640 2226



Kadin Dayanisma Vakfi-KADAV (Women's Solidarity Foundation)

Economic development for Syrian women KADAV organizes long term social programs which needs long term professional work. They also develop short term campaigns, self-group training on the bases of volunteer participation, where it is possible to act together with IWI members. They are establishing a Social Center for Syrian women and their children as well as a pilot project to create a bread making business with Syrian women. Please read more about their work on the KADAV website, if there is an area you can contribute to, please contact Charity Coordinator Kristina Wilfore at kwilfore@gmail.com 

Özgül Kapdan


Bomonti Fransiz Fakirhanesi Home for elderly people run by the little Sisters of the Poor
  • Talking to Residents (can include reading)
  • Nursing/Physio/Footcare
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Reception Duties
  • Ironing, Sewing
  • Gardening
  • Teaching Turkish to the Sisters
  • More urgently they are looking for someone to help them with their well. They don't have enough water for the garden and a well would also allow them to plant some vegetables. They have an estimate from an engineer and are trying to come up with the funds. 

Mother Mary Superior of Istanbul


Phone: +90-212-296 46 08+90-212-296 46 08    
HADD Economic empowerment and education for girls in Van, Turkey
  • HADD is seeking voluntary workers in all branches
  • IWI members are welcome to go to Van to meet the HADD young women. There is a trip organized once a year (to be financed by participants) with a tour of the area and engagement of the school 

Servet Harunoglu


+ 90 212 246 42 79+ 90 212 246 42 79


Yőret Vakfı A counselling organization which trains educators and works with at-risk children
  • Yőret Vakfı needs and editor and communication's professional. They are looking for someone who understands their mission, projects, and has sense of how to present them in a written form. 
  • They are trying to increase visibility of the organization.
  • They also need someone with web skills so they can create English material on their website and for their identify material.

Nuket Atalay



Mavi Kalem   Women’s education, health care and child welfare            
General support to Mavi Kalem:
  • Support for fundraising
  • Improving social media strategies
  • Helping make new sponsorship connections (food donation for children (breakfast or lunch)
  • Trainers (different kind of professions; fundraising, social media, communication with children, etc.
  • Translators (Turkish-English or English – Turkish
  • Editors (English edit) 
In addition to those support needs, Mavi Kalem is also looking for volunteers for the education project IWI is funding this year (for more details click here). Volunteers are needed for the following activities:

  • To be involved in preparation of meetings with women and participate in preparation of questions involved.
  • Participate in the negotiations that will involve no language barriers with the negotiator team.
  • Write a prologue to the prepared booklet on the project's substance to their aims.
  • Host together with Mavi Kalem the booklet's introductory meeting and share expectations from the project
  • Take photos in interviews and generally project.
  • Provide the preparation of summary for project’s booklet
Nuran Kizilkan Farina 



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