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The International Women of Istanbul (IWI) is a registered non-profit, non-political and self-supporting social organization that brings together international women of all ages and cultures in Istanbul.

IWI members are from over 50 different countries ranging in age from early 20s to over 80. Some work; some have children; some are moving to Istanbul permanently; and some are fulfilling a life long dream to study or living in Istanbul for a few years. No matter what brings you to Istanbul, IWI is here to support you and provide a social network of dynamic international women. 

We welcome all foreign women who are living in and around Istanbul. IWI is only as strong as her members; and we have a diverse, engaged and interesting membership base which makes life in Istanbul that much better.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact age of the IWI (although we decided that 1979 is a good year). One of the earliest notes of her existence are meeting minutes from the coffee morning held at the house of the American Ambassador and hosted by his wife approximately 40 years ago. One thing that as never changed is that the IWI has always been a social organisation bringing together international women. 

The IWI board is elected each year and meets monthly. Everyone is a volunteer. If you are interested in in learning more about how you may become more involved in IWI, please email

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