To register for an Event and for more information about our Events, please click on the underlined Event in the below list. Then, simply click the Register button and follow the instructions to make your registration. Online registration is quick and efficient.

Reservation Policy: Please note that when make a reservation for one of our programmes we include you in the final count. If you make a reservation and do not show up IWI is obliged to pay for you regardless. Therefore, if you are unable to honor your commitment please cancel within the cancellation period noted in the description of the activity; and avoids costs being passed onto you. Reservations that are not cancelled, including for guests, must be paid for by the member.

Programme Events Pricing Policy: Our policy in charging for programme events is to meet all costs of the event. Our organisers work hard to create events for our members to come together to enjoy. Please note that IWI is a non-profit social organisation; and all net proceeds from our events and programs goes to the IWI Social Responsibility Fund. Find out more how IWI support sour community here.

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