Grantee Selection Process & How Funds are Used

IWI is primarily a social organization, we are not a foundation or charitable organization. With a small amount of funds raised from events we are able to provide support to organizations within member interest areas, and link members to volunteer activity. 

Financial support is directed to registered social responsibility organizations (non-profit charities) operating in Turkey. We aim to support organizations working on issues that embody the values of IWI as a women´s social networking organization. We also value needs-based giving, where a contribution of volunteers and donations can have impact on a specific activity. IWI supports social welfare organizations that are well run with operating procedures that are accountable and transparent.  

Each year in the Spring, IWI launches a Call for Proposals. Prospective applicants for funding are required to fill out a project proposal. Proposals are read by a committee of the Board and meetings are held to discuss the proposals. Recommendations are provided to the full Board for discussion and approval. Decisions about funding support are made in June. 

Priority issues:

  • Women and Girls' Leadership
  • Women and Girls' Economic Development
  • Women’s Rights (e.g. issues such as domestic violence, gender equality, health)
  • Childhood Development and Motherhood
  • Support for Refugees and Migrants

Geographic coverage: Istanbul-based, but have Turkey-wide reach.

Project based giving: we are offering support to a specific project and will not provide general operating support to an organization.

Size of organization. We prefer to support organizations that are small to midsize, with an operating budget below 350,000 TL.

Financially stable organizations: we want our contribution to make a difference, not pay for office furniture or the director’s salary. We are looking for sustainable projects/organizations that have another base of financial support.

Multiplier effect: it is important that the project has as much impact as possible. We are interested in services that can be transformative by creating more stable and healthy communities through investment in people and projects that can continue to deliver results.

Interest in engaging with IWI: we are looking for organizations that are interested in attending IWI events, getting to know IWI members and able to provide information online and in Lale (our quarterly magazine publication) about their work. We are seeking organizations that are proactive in their engagement and communication with IWI, and interested in working with skill-based volunteers. 

Would you like more information?

For more information about the organizations currently supported, see our Current Grantees 2017-2018 and their projects. 

Read the 2017 Social Responsibility Report for more information on the groups IWI supported last year (2016-2017) and what they were able to accomplish with the funds.

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