Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do we base our funding decisions? Get more background about the selection process. Selection of the 2017-2018 grantees began in the Spring of 2017. IWI members are welcome to make recommendations throughout the year and encourage groups to apply when the call for proposals is issued in the Spring. 
  • What groups did we fund in the past, and how was the money used? Read our 2017, 2016 and 2015 board reports. 
  • How can I get access to more resources about work in the nonprofit sector? See the resources page to find out more.
  • What are the nonprofit organizations we work with really doing? Watch our short video!
  • How can I get involved? There are plenty of ways to get involved! Members of IWI volunteer with nonprofits, organize fundraisers, support specific projects and help out however they can. Need ideas? Check out our Volunteer Page. And for more information or context, please feel free to contact IWI's Social Responsibility Coordinator Wendy Chan to learn more. 
  • How do we raise funds? We organize fundraising and social events each year such as the Christmas Bazaar in November/early December.
  • Other questions related to IWI's Social Responsibility efforts? Please contact Wendy Chan, Social Responsibility Coordinator at with your questions. 

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