Current Grantees

IWI was able to make a combined total donation of 70,000 TL to the following registered Turkish social responsibility organizations during the 2016-2017 grant making cycle from funds raised at events.

Bomonti Fransız Fakirhanesi 
Organisational focus: Elder Care 

Bomonti is a home for the poor for the elderly of Istanbul, administered by the Little Sisters of the Poor. The idea began with Jeanne Jugan in France in the 18th century, when she started taking care of elderly. Since then the Institution gained force all over the world and today The Little Sister of the Poor has elderly homes in 30 countries and is headquarter is in Malta. The residence, located in Bomonti/Sisli, is home to some 66 needy residents. IWI members have supplied funds and volunteer support to Bomonti for over 10 years. Last year funds were used to provide meals for the residents. IWI also supports their bi-annual Kermiz through donation of saleable used goods donated by its member base. 

Degisim Liderieri Dernegi (DLD - Change Leaders Association) 
Organisational Focus: Youth leadership (targeting young Turkish women of modest means attending high schools and universities)

DLD’s mission is to strengthen the potential of girls and women to become active, responsible and productive leaders in their communities and professions. In so doing, they help advance society’s growth and prosperity through the full contributions of its women. DLD’s current focus is young women of modest means attending high schools and universities. The women are generally the first in their families to attend university. DLD’s leadership training emphasizes long-term experiential earning coupled with the attainment of social responsibility, exposure to role models, and cutting-edge career opportunities. Launched in 2009, DLD’s flagship “Sparks Program” is a unique and innovative eight-month experiential learning program that develops formalized leadership skills through active participation in self-selected social change projects that benefit the participants’ communities. It is the first of its kind in Turkey. Upon completion, the women are better equipped to succeed in their chosen occupations. Groups are conducted in Duzce, Izmit/Golcuk, Izmir and Istanbul.

Lale Feature: Read more about DLD and the exciting work they are doing for young women in Turkey

IWI Funding: To enhance current and create new Sparks program printed resource material. Training programs are fundamental to the success of DLD. Due to limited professional-level volunteer resources and to DLD’s rapidly growing needs and opportunities, the ability to document programs has been sporadic. Quality documentation aids program development, maintenance, and transfer of knowledge. As DLD programs continue to grow and mature and as new cities, learning communities, students and facilitators come and go, it is necessary to update and document materials accordingly.

HADD (Hisar Anatolian Support Society)
Organisational Focus: Girl´s economic empowerment and education 

The Hisar Anatolian Support Society (HADD) provides valuable skills to young, low-income women of families forced to migrate to Van in Eastern Turkey. Through practical vocational training, HADD offers the women a chance to manage their own futures to survive economically, flourish socially and grow artistically. The women learn the traditional art of dying wool and Kilim weaving. The high-end rugs bring in valuable income for their families, while preserving the ancient arts. The young women are also taught how to raise bees for honey for local and national markets. HADD workshop buildings provide a safe haven for the women to meet freely outside of their homes, build friendships and learn from each other. HADD opens the door to the world for these women and their future generations.

IWI Funding: IWI supports the salary of the advisor-teacher who acts as a counselor for the young women attendees of their socialization program, as they can talk about problems regarding their education or any concerns that they may have about their private lives. The advisor supports the school girls in their studies who come to the HADD Social Centers for educational assistance. In addition to these activities, the teacher will provide color and painting lessons to the women attending Kilim workshops.Moreover, the teacher will continue to give literacy lessons and computer-skill classes to all the women, including any women who live in the surroundings of the Social Centers and wish to attend them.

KADAV, Kadin Dayanisma (Women’s Solidarity Foundation)
Organisational Focus: Gender equality (advocacy and direct service for women subjected to gender-based violence and low employment)

The Women’s Solidarity Foundation (KADAV) is an independent women’s non-governmental organization that aims to contribute to the struggle for gender equality in two key areas; combating with gender based violence and supporting women’s labor and employment in Turkey. KADAV was founded in 1999 in İstanbul, with the aim of supporting women and children who were effected by Marmara Earthquake happened in northwest of Turkey. Its name, strategy and key activities were inspired by the gender-based solidarity practice in the disaster zone. From a holistic point of view, KADAV carries on its major activities on the bases of both policy making and providing direct support to women groups at the same time.

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IWI Funding: Last year IWI supported KADAV's project to provide support for Syrian women through a women's resource center. This cycle IWI will provide support to provide a laundry and a social facility space next to the laundry for Syrian women and their children living in the Okmeydanı (şişli) district. Its aim is provide an acceptable reason for women to get permission by the male member of their family to go out and join to a social activity while providing a facility that would help for their domestic burden. The activity will be implemented in cooperation with a local association called OK-Der. They will be responsible of taking care the children’s social program and management of the Laundry. Kadav will implement gender focused social activities with women, such as:

  •  Story telling, cultural sharing and gender awareness sessions (woman to women sharing about life and specifically gender), Once a week, 2 sessions with different groups composed of 15-20 participants, each session is 3 hours
  • Body workshop together with sport and dance activity. Once a week, 2 sessions with different groups composed of 15-20 participants, each session is 3 hours
  • Special sessions for developing Women’s Human Rights Understanding and Gender based violence. (Once a month) 50 participants 2 hours.
  • Specially programmed Turkish lessons groups composed of 15-20 participants, each session is 1,5 hours, 3 days a week.

Mavi Kalem
Organisational Focus: Social assistance for women, children, youth and disaster survivors

Mavi Kalem is a social assistance and charity organization founded in 2000 to respond to the needs of women and children in crisis. Mavi Kalem facilitates issue meetings with women from different areas of Istanbul to discuss women’s health and health rights. They are also working to improve life standards of children that come with their families to Istanbul for reasons like conflict in different places of Anatolia and war in Syria who have faced violence, discrimination, mistrust and victimhood. Activities are held with children include: therapies for opting to live together, handling violence, confidence development, personal therapy sessions, arts and education workshops.  

IWI Funding: Funding has been provided for Mavi Kalem to organize workshops for the empowerment of young girls at ages 12-18 years violence, sexual abuse, early marriage and early sexuality. According to Mavi Kalem, in Turkey, girls and women face many gender-based risks that effect their livelihood, health and safety. The aim of the workshops are to change girl's perceptions of themselves, and to support them to imagine and construct themselves as equal individuals from adolescents.

Organisational focus: Gender-based violence prevention 

Onar is a Turkish multicultural NGO working to empower women and stop gender based violence. They believe that violence against women can be ended by advancing the status of women in society and empowering women to lead the lives they want. Onar firmly believes in collaboration over competition so partners with local and international NGOs also working in similar fields. They also believe in engaging men in the dialogue to end violence and include women in all areas of society.Their activities focus on awareness and prevention by providing legal and psychological support to those in violence situations. Their services fill a gap in Istanbul by targeting women who have been unable to obtain support due to limited Turkish language abilities. In this respect, Onar is able to act as a bridge between foreign women and Turkish services. and Raise Your Woice

IWI Funding: IWI is support the "Raise your Woice, Share your Story" project against sexual harassment, born in collaboration with Bau Com (Communication Faculty) and Hollaback Istanbul. University Students of BAU Galata and the Communication Faculty will be the participants of workshops aimed to provide strategies and tools for fighting sexual harassment and sexual violence against women in Istanbul. 

Small Projects Istanbul
Organisational focus: Syrian refugee crisis (families)

The mission of Small Projects Istanbul (SPI) is to provide access to formal as well as supplemental education that will assist students and families from Syria to succeed in Turkey and beyond, paving the way for better opportunities in the future. Small Projects Istanbul runs a craft collective at its Olive Tree community center in Fatih, Istanbul, where Syrian refugee women have the opportunity to develop skills in hand crafts and earn livelihood support to help them rebuild their lives. They produce a range of jewellery and bags including sterling silver rings, woven silver charm bracelets, knitted hats and scarves, urban design cotton pouch and tote bags and a range of embroidered accessories based on Syrian tile designs.  They now support around 200 Syrian refugees in Fatih through education and livelihood projects and that number continues to grow weekly. and video archive of Syrian families and their experience with SPI

IWI Funding: Funding is provided to support the women's craft cooperative, covering basic costs so that, along with funds raised through their crowdfunding campaign and other fundraising events, they are to continue their supplemental education and community education programs and reach more individuals, as well as expand to include the collective as a skills building and livelihood support initiative.

Yőret Vakfı
Organisational Focus: A counseling organization to contribute to the growth and development of children and youth in at-risk communities

YORET Vakfi is an educational organization which trains and counsels new teachers. IWI has contributed to the SMART project for several years, which is a summer art school for disadvantaged children. The SMART projects aim is for children to experience new coping and behavior skills by introducing many forms of art, such as small theatre production.  In addition, the children also get to enjoy social and cultural activities they would otherwise not have the chance to experience. YORET Vakfi reaches approximately 800 children and their families. The choice of school and area is made in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.  Read more about their program in a special report prepared for IWI.  

IWI Funding: IWI provides support for the Summer Arts Program (SMART), a project that creates opportunities for children at risk to spent their summer recess (leisure time) in a safe environment, learning about democracy and enjoying art based activities developing their own creativity.

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