Message from the Chair

Dearest Friends,

Recently, I saw a video with a little girl standing on top of the bathroom counter looking in the mirror and telling herself how much she likes everything around her; "I like my Dad…I like my Mom…I like my sisters…I like my hair, I like my haircut…" ending with raising her hands above her head saying "I like my whole house." She then proceeds to clap her hands, turn around and jumps off the bathroom counter all while saying "My whole house is great; I can do anything great!"

That video sticks with me as I make my way through daily life here in Istanbul. We all know that life can be difficult here, but it is up to us to focus on the positive. I am often asked if I miss home Of course, I miss my friends and family. I miss getting up really early on a Saturday morning after a night of snowfall, heading up to the mountains for a morning of skiing and heading home before the ski traffic hits. However, now my husband and I can go to Italy for a weekend. Life is about perspective and how you want to see it.

I like this city and her craziness. I like my network of friends that I can really rely on; and I like the International Women of Istanbul hence why I am continuing as Chairwoman.

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the women on the IWI Board of Directors. I am very fortunate for the amazing group of women I have the opportunity to work with on the IWI Board and within the embedded team. It is through their hard work that we continuously strengthened the foundation in which this organisation stands.  So what is to come you ask; more member engagement; more events for working women; more diversity in what IWI offers her members; simply more.

The proper footings have been set; it is up to us as to how high we want to build; and remember, “Our whole house is great; we can do anything great.”

Warmest Regards,


IWI Chairwoman

P.S. If you fancy seeing the little girl that has inspired me, please go to YouTube and search ‘Jessica’s Daily Affirmation’.

For current members, please feel free to contact any of our Board Members and Embedded Team 

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